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aluminium degassing components

aluminium degassing components determine the quality of the degassing. Let’s talk about the components of the degassing device.

1. Immersion heating device

To make up for the heat lost during the aluminium degassing components process, the aluminum degassing box has an immersion heating unit installed in the heated still chamber. heating element The parts are mostly silicon carbide or nickel-chromium with silicon carbide or The protective sleeve made of Sialon can not only effectively prevent aluminum liquid immersion Corrosion and has a good heat dissipation function, but it can also heat and keep the aluminum liquid effect. The material of the heater protection sleeve itself and its special Operating conditions require that rapid cooling and rapid heating must be avoided during operation, otherwise, it will lead to

The casing is easily damaged. Some manufacturers set special locations on the casing. There are heat dissipation holes for easy heat dissipation, which further improves the heat conduction efficiency. The service life can be extended to 3 to 4 months.

aluminium degassing
aluminium degassing

2. Graphite shaft and nozzle

The form of the graphite shaft and nozzle directly determines the location of the aluminum melt. The treatment effect is different, and the nozzle forms of each equipment manufacturer are not the same. The processing effect is not much different. However, the different materials lead to the service life differ greatly. The service life of ordinary graphite material is generally about half a month Right Some manufacturers do some work on the three-phase plane of graphite shaft which is easy to oxidize. The special treatment of silicon carbide material can prolong its life, but it can only insist more than a month. Others use German SGL Body Antioxidant Graphite material has a service life of 3 to 4 months but is more expensive.

3 . Lifting mechanism

The aluminium degassing components are equipped with a lifting mechanism, which is driven by hydraulic and electric motors. Screw-type points. One configuration lifts graphite individually for each hydraulic cylinder Assembly and immersion heating unit, especially for multi-stage removal of high flow When the gas is used, it will not affect the normal operation of other components if it is lifted separately. It is also very convenient to protect; another configuration is the upper cover, graphite assembly, and Immersion heating units are lifted by the same lifting mechanism Although the structure is compact, it is used in multi-stage aluminium degassing components with many system components. In particular, when the service life of these components is poor, the maintenance is frequently upgraded. care will affect the normal use of the device.

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