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Metal Degassing System

Metal Degassing System

Metal Degassing System is the best hydrogen removal and purification technology. Due to the existence of hydrogen and inclusions, the properties of aluminum and its alloys are directly or indirectly harmed. Therefore, improving the purity of aluminum melt has become the key to produce high-quality aluminum products.

In order to obtain the best efficiency of hydrogen removal, metal degassing system is necessary to improve the kinetic conditions of hydrogen removal in order to obtain the best hydrogen removal efficiency.

Metal Degassing System

There are three main ways to improve the speed and efficiency of dehydrogenation.

① The number of bubbles should be increased as much as possible to increase the specific surface area of effective contact between aluminum liquid and bubbles.

② It is suggested that the bubble diameter should be reduced as much as possible, and the velocity of the bubble in the liquid aluminum should be increased under the premise of not causing the aluminum liquid surface splashing, that is to say, the stirring intensity should be increased, the gas-liquid surface renewal should be strengthened, and the mass transfer capacity should be improved.

③ In order to increase the residence time of bubbles in liquid aluminum, the floating distance of purified bubbles in molten aluminum should be prolonged as much as possible, that is to say, the time of bubble treating aluminum liquid should be increased, so as to improve the efficiency of hydrogen removal.

In the past research and development of hydrogen removal and purification technology, in fact, the above three ways are carried out. In addition to improving the traditional purification method of furnace degassing, some advanced on-line hydrogen removal and purification technologies outside the furnace have been developed.

Especially in the way of introducing the purified bubbles, it has developed from the original single pipe injection to the multi hole blowing head, and developed to the current rotary nozzle, which is considered to be the most advanced and effective gas guiding method at present. The rotary degassing device adopted can make the purified gas form uniform and fine bubbles in the melt in the purification container, and make the melt passing through the container be blown by the purified gas as much as possible, so as to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of hydrogen removal and purification.

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