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Degassing Chamber

Degassing Chamber

Degassing chamber for molten aluminum adopts the principle of air flotation. The rotor injects inert gas or a mixture of chlorine and inert gas into the molten aluminum, crushes the gas into dispersed tiny bubbles, and the bubbles rise to the surface of the molten aluminum. At the same time, the following steps are completed:

  • H is absorbed in the bubbles and removed.
  • Chloride is removed (formed by the chemical action of alkali metals and chlorine).
  • Remove the slag.

Online Degassing Chamber Operation Mode

The molten metal from the melting furnace is introduced into the degassing vessel through the inlet. Molten aluminum alloys generally have a temperature in the range of 680-730°C. When the molten metal is introduced into the degassing vessel, the temperature of the molten material is kept within this range during the entire process of performing the degassing operation in the degassing vessel. At the same time, inert gas is injected from the gas diffusion head. While the gas diffusion head connected to the rotor rotates in the speed range of 500-1000 rpm, the molten metal is degassed. After the bubble burst, the bubble completely diffused into the molten metal in the container. The solid dissolved gas and the suspended non-metallic inclusions in the molten metal are captured and captured by the bubbles, and float to the boundary of the liquid and gas, so as to realize the degassing treatment.

The function of setting the baffle around the gas diffusion device is to resist the vortex movement of the molten metal generated by the rotating movement of the rotating head, thereby generating turbulence in the entire molten metal.

Finally, after the degassing in degassing unit is completed, the molten metal passes through the channel under the partition wall, and is discharged from the outlet through the downstream chamber, and enters the next plate filter device. Plate CFF filter box products are necessary equipment for continuous casting and semi-continuous casting filter purification systems to form stable filtration.

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