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Degassing Equipment Slag

Degassing Equipment Slag

Why does the degassing equipment appear slagging during use? For the three Degassing Equipment Slag situations that occurred, our company’s technical staff will analyze the reasons:

1. There is serious slagging on the protective sleeve and the position of the rotating rod interface.

The degassing unit adopts the principle of gas suspension in the degassing process. The alumina slag adsorbed by the gas during the floating process will explode and splash to the tank cover as the bubbles rise to the liquid surface. Due to the hidden quality defects of the rotor, the rotor blades will produce slagging during use. If they are not cleaned in time during the operation, they will produce varying degrees of liquid level disturbances during high-speed rotation. As the time increases, the turbulent liquid level will oxidize with the air, causing slag splashing and sucking around the rotor protective sleeve, causing the rotor to lock and damage the protective sleeve.

2. The covering gas hole is blocked, slagging is serious at the hole position, and the slag body spreads at the position of the slag hole.

The addition of cold covering gas in the cover causes the airflow in the cover to counteract, alternate cold and heat, the vaporized and splashed aluminum will be adsorbed around the covering gas nozzle and diffused, causing the covering gas pipeline to block, and increase the slagging of the lining of the box cover.

3. Aluminum slagging on the surface of the box cover.

The user’s process adjustment of the degassing gas is inappropriate, the flow rate is adjusted too large, and the speed is not kept up in time, which causes the aluminum liquid to boil to the top of the box cover, resulting in aluminum hanging and slag.

Suggestions for Solving Degassing Equipment Slag

1. Adjust the way of adding the covering gas to reduce the temperature difference in the box space.
2. Adjust the lining material of the box cover and protective sleeve, using high wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, non-stick aluminum material.
3. Improve the tightness between the lid and the box body.
4. It is recommended that the user process, adjust the gas and speed, and reduce the boiling height of the process gas in the aluminum liquid.

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