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Molten Alu Degassing

Molten Alu Degassing

Molten Alu usually contains entrained and dissolved gaseous and solid impurities that are harmful to the final cast product. These impurities may affect the final cast product after the molten metal has solidified, which may reduce the ductility of the final product. One way to remove gaseous impurities from molten Alu is through degassing.

The molten Alu degassing physical process involves injecting flux gas into the melt. Hydrogen enters the purge bubble by diffusing through the melt into the bubble, where the hydrogen adheres to the surface of the bubble and is absorbed into the bubble itself. Then, the hydrogen gas is carried out of the melt through the bubbles.

AdTech provides the online molten Alu degassing system and CFF filtration devices.

The online degassing equipment adopts a sealed design to prevent secondary pollution caused by the ingress of outside air. Double-body structure design, degassing parts, and electric heating parts can be rotated, and with self-locking function, eliminating the hidden danger of misoperation, easy to maintain. The degassing rotor, heater protection sleeve, and thermocouple protection sleeve all use silicon nitride ceramics. This material has aluminum corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, and mechanical strength. Use non-stick aluminum lining and high-quality thermal insulation materials to keep the shell temperature below 65 degrees. The gas flow rate and the rotor speed are adjustable, and the size of the bubbles can be controlled to maximize the degassing, slag removal, and refining effects.

The ceramic foam filter used in the CFF filtration device is made of porous ceramic foam material and can be used to filter molten metal. The ceramic foam filter has a uniform and controllable pore size, low cost, easy use, and replaceability, so it has excellent filtration efficiency. The ceramic foam filter is easy to prepare, low in price, and easy to use in online degassing and filtering devices.

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