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Degassing Filtration System

Degassing Filtration System

A system for substantially continuous flux and degassing filtration of molten aluminum, in which the molten metal stream is pre-filtered to remove larger particles to prevent frequent clogging of the subsequent purification stage, which is designed to remove finer particles Particulate matter, and a flux stage is arranged in the middle of the slag removal and final purification stage. Therefore, AdTech provides an improved system for degassing and filtering of molten metal, which is characterized in that multiple successive filtering and purification stages are arranged in such a way that castings are obtained and voids are substantially eliminated.

A continuous processing system for purifying molten aluminum and aluminum alloys. The system includes at least four purification stages, namely, the slag removal stage, the smelting stage, the adsorption stage, and the final filtration stage.

AdTech provides a method for purifying molten aluminum in a multi-stage flux and degassing filtration system, where the molten aluminum is degassed and pre-filtered in the slag removal stage. Through the online degassing box, the gas in the molten aluminum is reduced. In the final purification stage, the molten metal is filtered, and relatively small impurities are absorbed through the foam ceramic refractory filter medium, and then transported to the tundish of the continuous casting machine.

Degassing Filtering Equipment

On-line degassing equipment mainly processes molten aluminum containing a certain amount of hydrogen and other residues (alkali metals, inclusions), which are removed after being processed by degassing equipment.

Online plate-type filtering unit adopts advanced high silicon melting technology. Mainly used for molten aluminum purification with high value-added and high technical performance. To replace the high-cost ceramic tubular filtering unit and ordinary plate-type filtering unit. The micron-level impurities in molten aluminum can be removed by this unit with our related technical guidance.

Plate-type Filtering Unit is used for the filtering and purifying of the molten aluminum, matching with the ceramic foam filter. It can filter the inclusions and tiny particles in the molten aluminum. Especially suit for the casting of high purity aluminum and high precision aluminum alloy. It has the advantages of thermal resistance, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, warming up quickly, long lifetime, and acid resistance.

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