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Double-rotor Degassing System

Double-rotor Degassing System

The double-rotor degassing system is used as a hanging type rotating degassing and impurity removal device. The degassing medium is recommended to use nitrogen or argon with a purity of 99.996% or more (in consideration of the high cost of argon, nitrogen is recommended).

The double-rotor degassing system is specially designed to provide online degassing for those molten aluminum with large flow, high gas content and many inclusions. It has two independently controllable stirring rotors with opposite directions, which can provide more powerful stirring and degassing capabilities. The degassing equipment is directly installed on the casting launder, and can be hoisted horizontally to locate or replace worn-out parts. The good heat insulation design can provide 24-hour on-line uninterrupted degassing.

The degassing equipment is equipped with a gas underpressure alarm function, which can automatically alarm when the inert gas is lifted and the source pressure drops to a limited pressure. Through the warning light, the operator can replace the gas source in time to avoid the occurrence of unqualified aluminum liquid due to lack of gas. Since the equipment has dual rotors, when the equipment is used as an online degassing system, please prepare a spare air source in advance to facilitate timely replacement when the pressure is under pressure.

Features of dual-rotor degassing system:

1. The two rotors rotate in opposite directions to stir, which can stir the molten metal more powerfully and evenly, improve the degassing efficiency, and provide timely degassing for more molten aluminum.

2. The installation and positioning of the system are simple. After placement, except for the replacement of worn-out parts, there is basically no need to move it.

3. The two rotors can independently control the speed, gas flow, etc.

4. Simple control, button operation, degassing time can be set, automatic/manual control mode.

5. When the set degassing time is completed, the rotor will automatically stop, the air supply will automatically shut down, and the indicator light will flash to alert the operator, and the safety is high. When used as an on-line degassing, it can operate continuously without interruption.

6. Using nitrogen or argon as the degassing medium, the advanced degassing principle greatly reduces the degassing time, improves the efficiency, reduces the refining cost, does not pollute the environment, and greatly improves the working environment.

7. The inert gas flow is controllable and can be optimally set, which can greatly reduce the waste caused by bubbles and inclusions, greatly increase the yield and improve the mechanical properties of the castings.

8. Provides a stable and repeatable degassing effect, which can realize efficient production for customers without affecting the production process.

9. There is no corrosion to the lining of the ladle or crucible boiler.

10. The degassing system main shaft and motor are equipped with an air cooling system, which can effectively reduce the working temperature of the main shaft and motor and prolong the service life.

11. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with an excellent thermal insulation layer, which can prevent the deformation of the equipment due to excessively high temperature of the molten aluminum.

12. Equipped with an emergency shutdown button, the switch is simple and safe, the structure is sturdy, the maintenance is simple, and the maintenance requirements are low.

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