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Flow Tube

Flow Tube

The high temperature resistant flow tube is integrally made of high silicon molten material, which has strong corrosion resistance and no pollution to the molten metal. It can be used multiple times to meet the technical needs of producing high value-added aluminum alloy precision casting products. High temperature resistant flow pipes, floats, ceramic fiber plugs, graphite plugs, slag retaining rings, ladle, and other products are used in conjunction to stabilize the casting parameters of the molten metal and facilitate flow control.

High Temperature Resistant Flow Tube Product Advantages

1. It has the advantages of high strength, erosion resistance, impact resistance, heat shock resistance, and a smoother surface;
2. It can be used even more with boron nitride (BN) paint, and the service life is normal 50-100 casting times;
3. High flexibility in use and operation, which enhances the use effect of molten metal transfer equipment, and achieves energy saving and consumption reduction。

The advantage of the high temperature resistant flow tube is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble, and there is no need to stop the equipment during installation. The internal fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials only need to bond the flow tube from the middle to seal and insulate, without affecting equipment production and saving installation time.

The high temperature resistant flow tube is smoke-free, halogen-free, non-toxic, non-flammable with pure oxygen, and has good insulation characteristics. After the organic silica gel is cured, its safety and environmental protection performance is further strengthened, which effectively protects the health of workers and reduces the incidence of occupational diseases.

AdTech high temperature resistant flow tube has better thermal stability than other polymer materials, as well as radiation resistance and thermal insulation. It can reduce energy consumption and prevent the heat of the medium in the pipeline from being directly transferred to the surrounding environment, saving the cost of cooling.

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