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Continuous Sheet Casting Tips

Continuous Sheet Casting Tips

Continuous sheet casting tips are superior products for continuous aluminum strip casting. The caster tips and nozzle have excellent non-wetting properties, low thermal conductivity, high temperature stabilities, uniform density, smooth surfaces, and close tolerance.

Continuous Aluminum Strip Casting Process

After refining, the aluminum melt enters the runner system through the front box. The static pressure generated by the aluminum liquid level in the front box is injected into the casting-rolling zone through the feed nozzle. The aluminum melt overflows from the top of the feed nozzle, and after being in contact with the casting roll, it is severely cooled to obtain a greater degree of supercooling, so that the aluminum melt contacting the casting roll is immediately cooled to form a thin shell. As the casting roll rotates, the heat of the metal is continuously dissipated by the roll, and the liquid metal continues to crystallize. The temperature of the crystallization front continues to drop, and the crystallization interface continues to advance into the aluminum melt.

Headbox Installation

AdTech high aluminum casting nozzle material is made by mixing ceramic fiber and many other materials. It has good elasticity, no deformation, long use time. Its special process can effectively prevent molten aluminum from eroding the casting nozzle and avoid carbonization. The structure is a fine and uniform layered fiber structure to prevent the existence of flocculent tissue. The coating on the working surface is uniform and smooth to prevent the occurrence of granular cracks and coating shedding, and provide a guarantee for high-quality cast-rolled plates.

The continuous sheet casting tips and nozzle is a key component for aluminum strip continuous casting and rolling, and its quality directly affects the quality of the strip and the yield of production. The opening surface and the coating of the working surface are smooth and it can resistant to the corrosion of the liquid aluminum, guarantee the purity of the aluminum sheet.

The casting nozzle is a ceramic composite product developed and produced by AdTech, which can effectively prevent the erosion of the inner cavity of the casting nozzle by the aluminum melt, thereby providing an effective guarantee for the quality of the cast-rolled steel plate. We can produce casting tips and nozzles of various models and supply methods according to customer requirements.

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