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Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable

Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable

Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable is an economical and convenient method to remove aluminum inclusions. It is widely used to Filter aluminum water. The size of Foam Ceramic Filter plate ranges from 7 inches to 26 inches, and the through-hole size ranges from 20 PPI to 60 PPI. Used as the sealing of the contact part between the filter plate and the filter box to ensure no side flow of liquid aluminum.

Alumina foam ceramic filter is mainly used in the cleaning process of aluminum and aluminum alloy manufacturing.

Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable can effectively remove the fineness of micron-grade aluminum various inclusions in the water, making aluminum water smooth laminar flow, is advantageous to the pack, with superior aluminum water erosion resistance, and strictly control the pore diameter and hole, can achieve the stability of the filtering effect, thus improve casting quality, reduce scrap rate, prolong service life, reduce the cost of castings.

Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable

What is a ceramic filter and what does it do?

1. It can effectively remove large inclusions in liquid aluminum.

2. It can remove small inclusions of several microns that are not suitable for conventional processes in liquid aluminum. At the same time, due to the filtration of small inclusions, the number of effective crystal nuclei in the liquid aluminum is reduced, which makes the liquid aluminum germinate and grow under a larger undercooling condition, shortening the solidification time and refining the structure.

3. reduce the hydrogen content in liquid aluminum. Hydrogen atoms can be attached to some oxidized inclusions, which become the core for bubble growth, so the inclusions are filtered out and the gases from the inclusions are removed.

4. The content of harmful elements (Na K) in liquid aluminum can be removed by adsorption.

Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable is widely used in casting bars, panels, aluminum foil, aluminum plastic, high-end aluminum profiles, and other aluminum casting workshops.

The filtration rate of 15-20 micron pollutant particles is 98.3%, which helps to obtain perfect aluminum products.

Mesh sizes range from 25PPI to 60pp and up to 26 inches.

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