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Foundry Refining Agent

Foundry Refining Agent

Foundry Refining Agent is a white powder or granular flux, which is generally prepared by mixing various inorganic salts in a certain proportion after drying. It plays a very important role in many metal smelting processes.

Aluminum flux is mainly used to remove hydrogen and floating oxide slag inside the molten aluminum, so that the molten aluminum is more pure and has the effect of cleaning slag.

Some components in the aluminum flux are easy to decompose at high temperature, and the generated gas is easy to react with hydrogen, has a strong adsorption force with the slag, and quickly escapes from the melt. Other ingredients have the function of slag remover.

Aluminum flux is suitable for common aluminum alloys (alloys with high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys), as well as pure aluminum smelting, degassing refining and slag removal.

Foundry Refining Agent

By adding Foundry Refining Agent, the hydrogen and floating oxide slag inclusions in the molten aluminum can be effectively removed, so that the molten aluminum can be made more pure. In addition, some components in the refining agent are easily decomposed at high temperature and generate new gas, which is easy to react with hydrogen, which can make the slag quickly escape from the melt, and other components also function as slag cleaning agents.

There are still strict requirements for the usage and dosage of refining agents, which usually mainly play the role of degassing refining and slag cleaning when smelting aluminum metal. You should also master the usage and dosage of the refining agent when using it. Generally, the refining agent can be sprinkled on the liquid surface, and it can be left to stand and slag after full stirring. In the actual production process, you can also use a jet machine to remove It is better to spray the refining agent into the molten aluminum with inert gas.

Refining agents are used in the actual industrial production process. The amount of refining agents is generally about 0.3% of the weight of the molten aluminum, depending on the purity of the molten aluminum. In addition, for the packaging of refining agent, cartons can be used, 20 or 25 kg per carton, and 2.5 kg per sachet.

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