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Heated Trough

Heated Trough

Heated trough with a cover with the heater installed in the top cover. These heaters operate primarily by radiation rather than conduction, and the heat flux depends on the heater temperature and the fourth power of the surface receiving the radiation. Radiant heaters have a high power density. However, heaters radiating to the molten metal surface are generally inefficient due to the low emissivity of the surface.

In molten metal processing, launders and troughs are generally used to transport molten metal from furnaces to various process equipment, such as casting molds. Where there is sufficient metal flow, there is sufficient sensible heat in the molten metal to compensate for heat loss through the launder. However, at low metal flow rates, or when running long troughs, some form of launder heating is required to prevent excessive metal heat loss.

Heated Trough

Heated Trough is used for carrying molten metal, and includes an outer shell defined by a bottom wall and two side walls, an insulating layer filling the outer shell, and a U-shaped refractory launder body for supporting molten metal. At least one heating element is located in the insulating layer adjacent to but spaced from the launder to provide an air gap between the heating element and the launder.

The refractory material used in the erosion-resistant heat preservation trough has no specific size and specification requirements. The parts of the high-temperature kiln to be constructed are divided in advance, and a special shape is designed, and the size is required to be accurate. There are requirements for the use of materials and use environment: acid erosion, alkaline erosion, wear resistance and erosion resistance and other harsh working environment conditions.

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