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Hop top Casting Sprue Bush

Hop top Casting Sprue Bush

Hop top Casting Sprue Bush is widely used in the hot top casting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is used in conjunction with the casting table for precision casting. During casting, the distribution plate aluminum liquid is connected to the mold. Hop top Casting Sprue Bush has high density and hardness, good thermal shock and impact resistance. Has High precision, long service life, and low maintenance cost.

Hop top Casting Sprue Bush specifications:
3.5in 3in 4in 4.5in 5in 5.5in 6in 7in 8in 9in 10in 12in 14in, or as customer’s requirement

Hot top casting refers to a casting form in which there is a section with good heat preservation performance on the top of the crystallizer. The fundamental purpose of hot top casting is to slow down the primary cooling of the upper part of the mold.

Hot-top casting is not only beneficial to improve the surface quality of the ingot, but also to the bottom-up directional solidification and supplementary shrinkage of the ingot. If the filter plate is added in the hot top section at the same time, it can prevent the molten slag from entering the ingot.

The key to hot top casting technology lies in the hot top design of the mold.
There are many types of hot-top casting molds.
The initial design of the hot-top crystallizer is to connect an additional asbestos lining with heat insulation and heat preservation functions above the crystallizer.
Asbestos is a kind of heat-resistant heat-insulating material, which can effectively heat the aluminum melt by using it as a hot top lining.

The difference between the hot top electromagnetic casting method and the ordinary electromagnetic casting method is that it adopts a special shielding cover structure and uses refractory materials to make the top melt of the hot top constrained liquid column, that is, the hot top has the function of a shielding cover.

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