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Launder for Molten Aluminum

Launder for Molten Aluminum

The launder eliminates equipment and labor costs and the inherent hazards of transferring molten aluminum from the melting furnace to three holding furnaces with forklifts and transfer ladles. The launder also maintains the molten aluminum at the set point temperature until it reaches the holding furnace, which means that there is no temperature loss during the transfer process.

In general, the system saves energy by eliminating two dumps. One from the melting furnace to the transfer ladle, and the other from the transfer ladle to the holding furnace. It eliminates the oxides and the resulting hard spots that are formed every time the molten aluminum is disturbed, which is very effective for customers.

The unique features of this aluminum launder system include:

The cylinder-operated water tank and fixed furnace heating cover are easy to clean and maintain.
The highly insulating calcium silicate board lining will naturally not come into contact with aluminum, which saves energy and makes cleaning a breeze.
A working faucet is installed in a bolted end cap on the launder, allowing metal to be discharged from a remote holding furnace that is not connected to the new launder system.

AdTech manufactures a wide range of runner sections, from small sections for continuous casting to sections for billets and rolling ingots to large sections for transfer runners. The selection of the launder cross-section is based on the casting speed of the system to ensure the best combination of turbulent flow of the metal in the launder and minimized heat loss.

All runner sections are known for their excellent corrosion resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance and non-wetting properties. This means that with proper care and maintenance, excellent durability can be achieved while minimizing maintenance costs and excellent economic benefits.

AdTech has excellent experience in designing and installing runner systems. This expertise is supported by the company’s own proprietary software programs for designing open and closed launder systems, using the most advanced launder lining materials, and transferring gas combustion from launders to electrically heated launders (Pre-)heating technology.

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