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Heated Launder System

Heated Launder System

The heated launder system transports the molten aluminum from the furnace to the degassing filter system and the die casting machine, which is the most advanced method. The launder minimizes turbulence and oxides in the molten metal. Moreover, because the metal flows quietly to the holding furnace, it eliminates transshipment labor and monorails, forklifts, and bull ladles. It will automatically provide the exact amount of metal.

The heated launder system is very cost-effective in the right application. We have the technology and creative design to meet your needs. Our launders are well sealed, highly insulated and easy to clean.

Advantages of Molten Aluminum Refractory Casting Launder:

Metal quality-ensured by minimizing turbulence and oxides.
Highly insulated-keep the temperature.
Easy to clean.
Reduce the demand for transmission equipment.
Reduce manpower and forklift maintenance.
Save metal melt loss caused by turbulent transfer in and out of subcontracting.

This multifunctional runner system can meet the needs of various metal foundries, high pressure and low pressure die casting plants, and permanent molds, sand, investment and lost foam foundries around the world.

Prefabricated refractory launder is one of the main refractory products provided by our manufacturing department. We provide high-quality runner systems for aluminum industry customers and the non-ferrous metal market. We have experience in producing various shapes for customers in different industries. We can usually gain insight into the causes of premature washing failures and provide suggestions for material or design changes to correct the problem. AdTech offers a complete series of castables for you to choose from our in-house castables. We provide customers with prefabricated refractory launder relining plates, as well as design and construction of brand new custom launder systems.

According to different industries, prefabricated refractory sinks come in many shapes and sizes. They can also be called troughs, runners, or many other industry names. They cover everything from very simple in-situ installation to custom prefabs for Y or T configurations and components for flow control.

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