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Launder Systems for Aluminum Casting

Launder Systems for Aluminum Casting

Adtech provides launder systems for aluminum casting as an important accessory for molten aluminum transmission. This includes the selection of a suitable runner cross-section, the complete engineering, manufacturing and production of refractory inserts made of Adtech Fused Silica, and on-site installation as required.

All launder systems for aluminum casting are optimized to minimize heat loss, low casting temperature and uniform metal flow. Upon request, the launder can also be equipped with a lid and a preheating system.

The trough and launder system for aluminum casting uses gravity to transport the molten alloy from one location to another. These systems usually include hot-face refractories, backup insulation materials, steel structures, dams, and other high-temperature equipment such as thermocouples and gaskets. They are most commonly used to transport metals from melting furnaces to holding furnaces, from holding furnaces to casting stations, or to transport metals to online degassing and filtration systems. An effective tank system helps maintain the metal temperature and prevents oxide buildup.

In foundries, ceramic launders are commonly used to transport metal from melting furnaces to holding furnaces. The shape and size of the trough system can vary, but it is usually composed of a refractory hot surface lining and an insulating material retained in the steel shell. The tank design must consider the metal speed, the metal temperature at the casting station (temperature loss due to the distance to the casting station), the specific alloy to be cast, and other variables.

Adtech’s global network of application experts and engineering centers work with customers to determine the best design and materials for their tank systems. Our award-winning heating launder system is designed to maintain the temperature of the molten metal as the alloy transfers, and is more efficient when conducting heat rather than radiation, keeping the metal temperature uniform, reducing oxides and reducing energy costs. We can provide multiple solutions through engineering and manufacturing to design and implement various tank systems. Products include refractory materials, prefabricated shapes, spare insulation materials, heating tank covers and coatings.

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