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Plate Filtering Box

Plate Filtering Box

AdTech provides a plate filtering box, and a ceramic foam filter plate is installed in the filter cavity, which has a molten metal inlet and an outlet.

The plate filtering box significantly improves the efficiency of molten metal filtration. Since the filter box is carried out without interruption, it can ensure the continuous production of the aluminum liquid purification system, thereby reducing the cost of stopping and restarting the production system.

The plate filter box mainly uses ceramic foam filter plates to filter molten metal. The ceramic foam filter has an open-cell structure characterized by a plurality of interconnected voids, wherein the interconnected voids are surrounded by a ceramic mesh. The edge of the filter plate is sealed with fiber wool, and the surface of the plate can resist molten metal to sealingly join the surface of the inclined wall.

When the liquid aluminum purification system is working normally, the liquid aluminum first flows into the liquid aluminum degassing device. After degassing, the aluminum liquid flows out from the liquid outlet of the liquid aluminum degassing device, and enters the filter box of the filter box through the flow trough. The two ends of the filter cavity are respectively in communication with the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet of the filter device. After the molten aluminum enters the box, it flows into the filter cavity through the liquid inlet, and in the process of flowing through the filter plate, the inclusions in the molten aluminum are filtered by the filter plate. The filtered aluminum liquid flows out from the liquid outlet for the next step.

When the inclusions in the molten aluminum block the filter plate, remove the blocking pieces at both ends of the accident flow trough, and use the blocking pieces to seal the connection between the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet, so that the molten aluminum can no longer be used. Flow into the filter cavity. Maintenance personnel can clean up the blockage in the filter cavity or replace the filter plate. After completion, remove the blocking parts at both ends of the filter cavity, and block the two ends of the accident flow tank again, the aluminum liquid entering the box body flows through the filter plate again for filtering, and the aluminum liquid filter box is in a normal filtering state.

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