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Launder System

Launder System

The Adtech launder system provides greater flexibility in the metal casting process. For example, if there is a greater demand for molten aluminum, but only a smaller furnace can be accommodated, our Launder system can be used to separate the spoon pools to free up valuable space.

Smooth transportation is the key to the quality of the aluminum melt, because any turbulence may cause oxides in the aluminum melt. The Adtech launder system is designed with this in mind, eliminating any form of agitation in every step. It can make the aluminum liquid transfer smoothly, without secondary pollution, and the quality is better.

Adtech runners can lock in heat and save energy. Gentle heating, pneumatic sink cover (with sealing strip), strict temperature control and clever fire-resistant design. All these work together to keep the aluminum liquid at the optimal temperature, greatly reducing heat loss, and using the metal’s own thermal conductivity to reduce energy costs.

The Adtech molten metal launder system is equipped with a cover to prevent danger and metal leakage, has a gentle heating function to maintain a constant molten aluminum temperature, and is highly insulated to prevent energy loss. Can be customized for any casting unit or casting layout.

The launder system lining is made of high-quality A14 material and poured into the sintering furnace as a whole under high temperature. It has excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, non-stick aluminum, no chemical reaction with aluminum, and low thermal expansion coefficient. , It maintains a stable appearance at working temperature, does not absorb moisture, does not vaporize the aluminum melt, is durable, and does not pollute the aluminum melt.

Under the conditions of using in accordance with the specified process, the temperature drop per meter of the washing tank does not exceed 3 degrees Celsius, and the service life of the lining is not less than 18 months.

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