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Molten Alu Refining Agent

Molten Alu Refining Agent

Our country is a country with relatively developed industrialization. In many industrial production processes, especially metal smelting, various refining agents are added to improve the performance advantages of products. Regardless of the pharmaceutical industry or the metal industry, refining agents are one of the common fluxes products, mainly white powder or granules, which are prepared by a variety of inorganic salt treatments in a certain proportion. So, what do you know about the role of molten Alu refining agent and how to use it?

Adding an appropriate amount of molten Alu refining agent when smelting aluminum products can effectively remove the hydrogen contained in the aluminum liquid and the floating oxidized slag. The main reason is that the refining agent is easy to decompose at high temperature, especially the produced gas is prone to chemical reactions, and the strong adsorption capacity of slag inclusion can allow hydrogen to escape from the melt, so it can achieve slag removal effect. It is a good choice for companies with high requirements for smelting pure aluminum, and it has been unanimously praised and recognized by customers.

Aluminum Alloy Melt Degassing

In fact, the use of refining flux is relatively simple, you can learn more about its use before using it. Especially, evenly sprinkle it on the surface of the liquid, quickly press it into the molten aluminum, and perform slag removal after fully mixing and standing still. In the process of use, you can use a sprayer. It will be better to use inert gas to spray it. The dosage is about 0.3% of the weight of the aluminum liquid. If the purity of the aluminum liquid is relatively high, please add more refining agents.

Molten Alu Refining Agent adopts physical and chemical reaction in the molten aluminum, numerous small bubbles are formed and fully in contact with molten aluminum, separating hydrogen and other harmful gases. At the same time, adsorbing and fusing compounds contained in the refining flux can strongly adsorbing and fusing oxide and float, attaching together to the bubbles, with the rise of the bubbles and being brought to the surface of molten aluminum, so as to achieve the degassing and deslagging purpose of purification.

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