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Molten Aluminum Casting Nozzle

Molten Aluminum Casting Nozzle for Sale in Russia

AdTech casting nozzle is mainly used for supplying a molten alloy liquid of aluminum alloy to a movable mold for continuous casting from a tundish, in which the molten alloy liquid is stored. The casting nozzle is fixed to the tundish.  RUSAL has used our casting nozzle plate very successfully and it can meet the requirements of high-performance aluminum casting. After that, we successively received orders for casting tips and nozzles from Russia.

The quality level that is required of magnesium alloy products has become higher with the expansion of application fields in which magnesium alloy products are used, and the demand for improvement in the quality of products appearance as well as improvement in light weight and corrosion-resistance has increased.

Molten aluminum casting nozzle support panel is a key component of the electromagnetic casting and rolling process, and its structural stability is directly related to the planar stability of the casting nozzle. The molten aluminum casting nozzle tip is arranged on the movable mold side, made of a highly heat-conductive material and highly elastic material. By making the tip of the casting nozzle with a material having superior thermal conductivity, the irregularity in solidification of the molten alloy liquid is decreased, and thereby the surface quality of a cast alloy is improved.

Molten Aluminum Casting Nozzle

The casting nozzle tip is formed with a material having high elasticity and superior elastic deformability, whereby the interstice between the movable mold and the tip of the outer peripheral edge of the nozzle is narrowed, so a cast alloy having superior surface quality can be obtained.

Generally, the spacing between the upstream portions of the two halves of the feed head is sufficient to maintain the required gap between the downstream edges of the casting head. If required, one or more additional spacers can be provided in the middle between the upstream part and the downstream edge. This gasket, if used, should be reasonably streamlined to avoid interference with the flow of metal through the feed end.

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