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Molten Aluminum Refining

Molten Aluminum Refining

During molten aluminum refining, the hydrogen atoms dissolved in molten aluminum migrate to the periphery of the refining bubble (Ar or N) and adsorb around the bubble and combine with hydrogen molecules into the bubble, and finally float along with the foam. Such as the dynamic process of aluminum tapping fluid. This is a process in which hydrogen diffuses in the liquid phase and is absorbed by bubbles.

Molten Aluminum Refining

In the process of aluminum alloy melting, refining flux is added into the melt to remove oxide inclusions through a series of physical and chemical actions. The ability of the clarifier to remove impurities depends on the adsorption and dissolution of the clarifier on the oxide inclusions in the melt and the chemical action of the clarifier in the melt. The smaller the interfacial tension between refining flux and oxide inclusion, the better the adsorption effect and the stronger removal of oxide inclusion.

AdTech’s refining flux uses a molten metal compounding combination principle researching, developing and configuring product. Reducing smoke, depressing burning wastage which protects the environment economically.

Molten Aluminum Refining

The methods to improve the molten aluminum refining speed are as follows:

(1) Increase the number of bubbles as much as possible and increase the effective contact surface area between molten aluminum and bubbles.

(2) The bubble diameter should be reduced as much as possible, and the moving speed of bubbles in molten aluminum should be increased without splashing on the surface of molten aluminum.

(3) It can effectively reduce the diffusion distance of hydrogen dissolved in molten aluminum, which is equivalent to enhancing the diffusion process or mass transfer ability.

(4) The floating distance of bubbles in molten aluminum should be extended as much as possible to increase the residence time of bubbles in molten aluminum.

(5) Using high purity inert gas, reactive gas insoluble in molten aluminum or vacuum refining, the hydrogen concentration at the bubble liquid interface in molten aluminum tends to zero.

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