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Molten Metal Caster Nozzle

Molten Metal Caster Nozzle

AdTech provides a molten metal caster nozzle, used for continuous slab or strip casting, which can reduce turbulence, backflow and premature freezing of the molten metal, thereby producing cast slabs having highly superior surface quality.

Molten metal is delivered through the caster nozzle and tip into the mold where it solidifies to form a slab or strip. During the casting process, the meniscus of the molten metal is controlled in order to improve surface quality of the resultant slab. The nozzle is configured such that it reduces turbulence, backflow and premature solidification of the molten metal at the casting nozzle tip. The method may include the use of horizontal or vertical continuous casting machines.

The molten metal caster nozzle promotes meniscus stability during the casting operation, which reduces porosity and improves the surface quality of the cast products.

Aluminum Foil Production

The slab caster may include an end baffle to provide a seal for the molten metal during the casting operation. In addition, the caster may include a cover made of graphite that acts as an insulator to prevent heat transfer to the free surface. During the casting process, the cooling fluid can be directed towards the casting belt in the area of the casting nozzle head.

The molten metal is introduced into the front box container, where the molten metal is maintained at a level sufficient, so as to provide a sufficient pressure head during casting. Although the casting operation is performed under atmospheric pressure, it is also possible to supply molten metal through a pressurized container. After it is introduced into the front box, the molten metal usually flows to the bottom of the container in the vertical direction, and then is directed to the inclined surface of the nozzle in the horizontal direction. When the container is opened through the inclined nozzle, the molten metal contacts the cast strip, which serves as a mold for the cast metal. With the aid of the cooling fluid, the metal solidifies from a molten state to a solid-state to form a slab.

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