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Degassing System for Casting

Degassing System for Casting

The on-line degassing system for casting is used to process molten aluminum or aluminum alloys. The aluminum or aluminum alloys contain gas and impurities such as alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, and hydrogen, and the amount of impurities contained therein is reduced by online rotor degassing unit.

The method includes the following successive steps:

(1) Contact the molten aluminum or aluminum alloy with inert gas (nitrogen) through rotor injection;
(2) The molten aluminum or aluminum alloy is in contact with the mixture of nitrogen and chlorine through the injection of the rotor.

It is known that the presence of hydrogen and alkali metals in aluminum alloys, especially Al-Mg alloys, can cause cracks to occur during ingot rolling. This is especially true for sodium, whose concentration is as low as a few ppm will reduce the formability under heating conditions and cause edge cracking during rolling. Hydrogen dissolved in molten aluminum can also cause problems during the rolling process and cause defects in the finished product.

The online degassing system for casting treats molten aluminum with nitrogen and chlorine. Nitrogen and chlorine are added to remove alkali and alkaline earth metals and hydrogen from molten aluminum. The method includes treating molten aluminum with a combination of non-reactive gas and reactive gas. This method uses a smaller amount of chlorine and produces a smaller amount of emissions without adversely affecting the cleanliness and quality of the treated metal.

The purpose of the online degassing system is an improved method for removing impurities from molten aluminum or aluminum alloy. Another objective is to produce aluminum or aluminum alloys with reduced edge cracks and improved plasticity.

Our on-line degassing equipment has been used by domestic aluminum plants, with good results, and has been exported to the world. If you need an online degassing box to purify your molten aluminum and remove the hydrogen and other impurities in the molten aluminum, please contact us at

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