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Foundry Degassing Device

Foundry Degassing Device

The hydrogen content and non-metallic impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid in the melting and casting workshop will seriously affect the quality of the castings. Usually during the condensation process, the solubility of hydrogen decreases, it is too late for the hydrogen to escape the solution, and it is too late for the non-metallic magazine to float before entering the crystallizer liquid level, which will lead to the subsequent rolling process plates and foils. The white spots and pinholes on the surface of the material increase, and the mechanical properties of the material decrease, which ultimately leads to a scrap of the product. Therefore, the degassing treatment of aluminum is very important. Foundry degassing device is mainly used to remove hydrogen and slag from molten aluminum.

The sequence of processing molten aluminum:

  1. The rotor is connected to a source of premixed chlorine and nitrogen. When the molten aluminum passes through the degassing unit, the aluminum is first exposed to the chlorine and nitrogen mixture escaping from the holes of the inlet rotor, and bubbles rise through the molten metal.
  2. After leaving the outlet of the degassing device, the molten aluminum is passed through a ceramic foam filter (CFF) and then cast into an ingot or other desired shape.

Online Degassing Refining Device

Foundry degassing device uses a patented rotor impeller principle, which can generate tiny inert bubbles and mix with the melt. These small bubbles are evenly distributed on the surface of the melt, thereby maximizing the contact area between the inert gas and the melt. Effective means that a higher level of degassing and cleaning can be achieved, and processing time can be reduced.

Plate CFF filter box products are necessary equipment for continuous casting and semi-continuous casting filter purification systems to form stable filtration. The ceramic foam filter medium in the filter cavity will further block the inclusions, so that the magazine sediment will be blocked in the filter medium, so that the aluminum liquid can be thoroughly purified.

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