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Molten Metal Conveying System

Molten Metal Conveying System

The molten metal conveying system includes dumping trays, dumping tanks, transfer tanks, metal processing tanks, etc. It can be used in a variety of positions that appear between the melting and casting stations in the metal processing system. The molten metal enters the filter chamber through the inlet launder, enters the chamber below the barrier, and exits downward for further processing. The device may optionally be provided with a launder dam that is used to confine the optional salt layer on the surface of the metal in the chamber and prevent it from floating backward along the flume.

The high silicon-oxygen flow channel is an excellent high-temperature resistant guide channel lining for aluminum and aluminum alloy melt guide channels. It directly contacts the melt and has excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal shock resistance, compressive strength, and resistance. The aluminum melt is washed for a long time, does not collapse, and is not easy to peel off. It reduces the secondary pollution problem of the aluminum melt in the conveyance link of the guide groove to a minimum, and has a long service life.

Its purpose is to introduce the aluminum liquid into the smelting furnace or the molten aluminum melted in the smelting furnace into the aluminum liquid transport bag. The Molten Metal Conveying System is made of high-nitrogen composite ceramic materials independently developed and produced by the company. It has the technical advantages of good thermal insulation performance, non-stick aluminum, no pollution of aluminum liquid, severe high and low temperature working conditions, and does not affect its service life.

Molten Metal Conveying System is one of the basic pieces of equipment for aluminum alloy casting. The main function of the aluminum launder is to drain the aluminum liquid in the mixing furnace to the casting machine. The operation area was originally made of traditional high temperature resistant castable masonry. The surface of this type of groove is easy to stick to aluminum during the use.

The operating time of the worker when cleaning the groove is up to 30 minutes, and it is easy to cause casting The material is damaged, so that the high-temperature aluminum liquid penetrates into the castable and causes the shell steel plate to gradually deform. The flow channel cannot be used normally for 4 months. In addition, every time the convection tank is maintained, the casting material needs to be removed, and the shell steel plate is corrected to be re-built, and the maintenance process consumes labor and materials.


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