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Non-Sodium Refining Flux

Non-Sodium Refining Flux

Non-sodium refining flux is suitable for refining treatment. It is mainly used for refining and degassing various high-strength cast aluminum alloys such as automobile wheels and pistons during the melting process. Sodium-free refining agent can remove scum on the surface of molten aluminum, and can also adsorb slag near the surface. It is one of the necessary fluxes for the smelting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The market demand is large and the application prospect is broad.

The production equipment and technology of aluminum-free sodium refining agent are relatively simple, mainly drying furnace, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, simple packaging equipment, equipment investment is small, and the production process is easy to master.

The raw materials used in the production of non-sodium aluminum refining flux are non-toxic common chemical raw materials. There is no discharge of sewage, waste gas, and waste residue during the production process, which will not cause environmental pollution. Sodium-free refining agent for aluminum and aluminum alloy is composed of potassium fluoroaluminate, calcium fluoride, potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, barium sulfate, potassium chloride, and anhydrous aluminum chloride. The components are: potassium fluoroaluminate, fluoride Calcium, potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, barium sulfate, potassium chloride, anhydrous aluminum chloride.

Non-Sodium Refining Flux

Because it does not contain sodium salt, compared with the sodium-containing refining agent, it effectively solves the defects of the existing refining agent that contains more or less sodium salt, which affects the deterioration of antimony and phosphorus, and the sodium element in aluminum with a magnesium content of more than 2% -Magnesium alloys can cause “sodium brittleness”, reduce melt fluidity, and affect the casting performance of the alloy. Better use effects can be obtained in antimony modified, phosphorus modified aluminum alloy and high magnesium aluminum alloy. It is a qualitative improvement to the existing technology.

Sodium-free refining agent is processed by a variety of salt compounds through a special process. Using a refining powder sprayer to use nitrogen as the carrier, it is evenly sprayed into the aluminum liquid to achieve the double purification of the melt by gas and flux. It is widely used in the aluminum processing industry.

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