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Purification Methods

Purification Methods

Judging from the current status of aluminum melt purification treatment technology, AdTech has developed some more advanced purification methods and devices, which have promoted the development of melt purification technology.

According to the analysis and research results of the interaction between inclusions and hydrogen in the aluminum melt, it is necessary to break through the traditional purification idea of ​​hydrogen removal, and adopt “removal of impurities is the basis of degassing, and removal of impurities and gas” principle. And it is necessary to avoid the tendency of one-sided pursuit of low hydrogen content in order to develop more effective new technology for purifying molten aluminum.

In the purification method that mainly removes impurities, the ceramic foam filter filtration method is generally carried out after degassing and before pouring. The impurity removal mechanism is mainly mechanical and physical, and the effect of removing fine inclusions suspended in the melt is not significant, and it is difficult to realize the principle of removing impurities first and then removing gas. The flux method has a good effect on the removal of impurities, but its removal effect depends largely on the characteristics of the flux itself and the purification process conditions. The traditional treatment method is the press-in method or the covering method. The purification process conditions are poor and easy to cause “dead corners”. It is difficult to play the role of flux. Although the spray flux method has appeared, which obviously improves the purification process conditions, it requires special equipment, increases the cost, and the process control in actual production is also unstable.

Purification Methods

Therefore, how to use cheap and easily available fluxes to efficiently purify the aluminum melt and simplify the process and facilitate promotion becomes very important. After years of research and practice, we have obtained new purification methods, namely the high-efficiency active flux filtration purification method. It combines the melting of aluminum-flux removal-flux filtering. It is realized in the whole process of melting, without special equipment, simple process, convenient operation, and low cost, and the purification effect is remarkable. The impurity removal rate can reach about 80%, and the pinhole rate is significantly reduced. If degassing is supplemented, the effect will be even better.

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