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Molten Aluminum Filter Box

Molten Aluminum Filter Box

Usually, the filter plate is directly placed in the liquid aluminum flow channel for filtering. Because there is a large gap between the filter plate and the flow channel, impurities can still bypass the filter plate through the gap and fail to meet the filtering requirements. If the filter plate is used directly in the flow channel, the aluminum liquid will have a greater impact on the filter plate, which will seriously affect the service life of the filter plate. The molten aluminum filter box is an auxiliary tool that can improve this situation. We place the filter plate in the molten aluminum filter box. The aluminum liquid has been repeatedly filtered through several layers of filter plates, which greatly improves the metallurgical quality of the ingot.

The molten aluminum filter box is made of the No. 5 material in the resistance. It is a necessary configuration to form a smooth filter cavity when the foam ceramic filter plate is used to filter aluminum and aluminum alloy melts. The filter front box products provided by the company have excellent heat resistance, aluminum erosion resistance, good insulation performance, high strength, strong resistance to mechanical blows, and standard molding dimensions, which provide reliable support for the effective realization of the filtration efficiency of the foam ceramic filter plate.

Molten Aluminum Filter Box

Alumina ceramic foam filter, applicable temperature 1000 ℃, suitable for the filtration and purification of aluminum and Taiwan gold solution. In order to meet the increasing quality requirements of aluminum castings, it is more and more important to use alumina foam ceramic filters. Filters are also widely used in ordinary sand casting and fixed mold casting.

The use of the filtration process is mainly based on the following considerations. On the one hand, the filtration makes the flow of molten aluminum become orderly and relatively calm, and on the other hand, the solid slag in the molten metal is effectively removed, and the quality of castings is rapidly improved.

The alumina ceramic foam filter product effectively removes the solid inclusions in the molten metal, so the aluminum alloy can be successfully forged, aluminum foil manufacturing, extrusion processing and other processes to obtain aluminum products.

In the aluminum melting and casting process, the purity of molten aluminum is related to the metallurgical quality of the ingot. Using a filter plate to remove impurities in molten aluminum is the most common filtration method.

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