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Purification Technology for Aluminum

Purification Technology for Aluminum

The main goal of aluminum melt purification technology is to continuously improve the purity of the melt, pursue efficient and economical purification technology for aluminum, and meet the development needs of aluminum processing body purification technology. Melt treatment in the furnace mainly includes gas refining, flux refining and powder spraying refining. The processing technology in the furnace develops slowly due to conditions.

Large enterprises have developed two representative technologies in furnace treatment: one is powder injection gas refining, and the other is to install multiple ventilating bricks evenly at the bottom of the furnace, and the pressure, flow and refining of the refined gas are controlled by a computer. Time, this method is a relatively effective furnace treatment technology.

The purification technology for aluminum researched and developed by major aluminum processing and casting enterprises is the online purification technology of the melt outside the furnace. The degassing effect of the AdTech degassing device can meet the product quality requirements, and the degassing efficiency is stable at 60% on average. We provide single-rotor degassing box, double-rotor degassing box, and three-rotor degassing box, which is a kind of degassing device with great promotion value. The rotor is made of silicon nitride and has a service life of more than 2 years (the longest service life can be 5 years). It has strong advantages in aluminum corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, etc. It can be soaked for a long time without abrasion. The shaft is 60mm and the head diameter is 200mm. Minimize the stirring resistance to the melt. The high-speed 450-550 rpm design can break the bubbles to the maximum extent and disperse the bubbles to all corners of the inner cavity in the largest range. There will be no change in performance and long-term stable degassing effect. (The stability of the degassing efficiency, the service life, the labor cost of replacing the rotor, etc.) is the best overall cost performance.

Purification Technology for Aluminum

Improving the filtering effect and effectively removing non-metallic inclusions is the focus of the development of melt purification technology. At present, there are many kinds of melt filtration methods studied in various countries, but various types of foam ceramic filter plates are more studied. In order to improve the filtration accuracy, the perforation density of the filter plate has been developed from 50Ppi to 60Ppi and 70Ppi, and a composite filter plate appears, that is, the filter plate is divided into two layers, the upper 1 inch (1 inch = 2.54m plate has a large pore size, and the lower 1 The pore size of the inch plate is small, and the varieties and specifications are 30/50, 30/60, 30/70Ppi. The composite filter plate has high filtration efficiency and a larger amount of metal passes. Our ceramic foam filter is produced by an automated assembly line, with three calibrations The procedure, the size is accurate, and the filter box is more suitable. It does not drop slag, effectively reduces the pollution of molten aluminum, has good thermal shock resistance, and improves the corrosion resistance to molten metal.

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