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Three Rotor Degassing Device

Rotary Degassing for Casting

AdTech three-rotor degassing device is a three-rotor on-line rotating degassing and impurity removal device. Its efficiency and excellence have been affirmed by the majority of users.

The three-rotor degassing device is specially designed to provide on-line degassing for those aluminum liquids with large flow, high gas content, and many inclusions. It has three independently controllable stirring rotors, which can provide a more powerful continuous degassing capacity. The device is directly connected to the runner for installation. It can be raised and lowered by an electric screw and rotated to a certain angle to facilitate the replacement of worn-out parts. The good heat insulation design can provide 24-hour online uninterrupted degassing; the equipment is equipped with a gas underpressure alarm function. When the inert gas is lifted and the source pressure drops to a limited pressure, it can automatically alarm and remind the operator to replace the gas source in time through the warning light to avoid the occurrence of unqualified aluminum liquid due to lack of gas. Because the equipment has three rotors, when the equipment is used as an online type When degassing equipment, please prepare a spare gas source in advance to facilitate timely replacement in case of underpressure.

Three-Rotor Degassing Device

The degassing principle of three-rotor degassing device is to stir the molten aluminum through a controlled rotating graphite shaft and the rotor, and at the same time press the metered inert gas into the molten aluminum through the rotor and break it into tiny bubbles to make it evenly dispersed in the liquid. In the molten metal, the gas partial pressure of the bubbles is zero. Due to the high hydrogen partial pressure in the molten aluminum, the hydrogen in the molten aluminum continuously diffuses into the bubbles, and at the same time, some non-metallic inclusions in the molten aluminum are adsorbed on the surface of the bubbles, which is useless The inert gas bubbles attached to the hydrogen and some non-metallic inclusions float up to the liquid surface. When there is a special degassing filter box, these slags are isolated before pouring, and then the hydrogen removal and removal are achieved by skimming the oxidation inclusions.

The principle of degassing is also recognized. It has high efficiency and good effect without affecting the production process. It can improve the purity of molten aluminum in a short time, reduce the waste rate, increase production efficiency, improve the mechanical properties of castings, and enhance the competitiveness of products. , This is what the traditional degassing method cannot achieve.

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