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Refined Powder Fluxes

Refined Powder Fluxes

Refined Powder Fluxes are used as a refining agent for degassing and slagging of aluminum metal in the aluminum alloy casting process. AdTech’s refining agent uses a unique technology to improve the traditional molten metal degassing and slag removal effect, and is applied to the casting and rolling process of many series of aluminum alloy products.

Put the refined powder fluxes into the powder sprayer, spray it into the molten aluminum through the air outlet pipe, make the outlet pipe as close as possible to the bottom of the molten pool, drag the air pipe back and forth to make it fully contact with the refined aluminum liquid to prepare and melt aluminum To achieve refinement.

During the refining operation, the operator can freely control the flow of carrier gas and refining agent and the number of revolutions of the powder feeder through the barometer, thereby controlling the degree of tumbling of molten aluminum and minimizing secondary pollution.

The aluminum alloy flux powder evenly enters the bottom of the aluminum liquid through the powder spraying boiling kiln, and forms tiny bubbles through physical and chemical reactions, fully contacts the aluminum liquid, removes other harmful gases, and adsorbs oxides and other impurities.

Refined Powder Fluxes Benefits for Aluminum Casting

  • Aluminum casting flux is powdered particles.
  • Good degassing and slag removal effect. The refining deposits sprayed to the bottom of the molten pool and the bottom of the furnace undergo physical and chemical reactions, which can melt the alumina and separate the aluminum slag from the aluminum.
  • Bring hte gas to the surface of the molten aluminum, keep the bottom of the furnace clean, greatly reduce the number of furnace cleanings, increase the utilization rate of the furnace, and reduce labor intensity.
  • Remove separated oxides and impurities from the melt while degassing. The resulting slag is dry and easily separated from the metal.
  • The utilization rate of metal is improved, the adhesion of slag on the furnace wall is reduced, the furnace chamber is easy to clean and maintain, and the working environment is improved.

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