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Granular Refining Fluxes

Granular Refining Fluxes

The AdTech granular refining fluxes are smokeless, tasteless, dustless, easy to operate, and have a good degassing effect. It is a special refined dust collector that is sprayed to the bottom of the molten pool through carrier gas (nitrogen or argon), thereby forming a large number of bubbles in the molten aluminum.

The bubbles float upward from the bottom. The medium is in full contact with the molten metal, and the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum are brought to the surface of the molten aluminum through physical and chemical effects, and the purpose of degassing and slag removal is achieved at the same time. After a large number of applications, this refining agent has proven to be the best choice for purifying molten aluminum.

How to use Aluminum Casting Refining Agent

1. The amount of refined preparation is about 0.3% (the amount is determined according to the situation).
2. When in use, pour the product into a special container with argon or dry nitrogen, pressurize and blow into the aluminum liquid, stir evenly, stop the reaction, let it stand for a period of time, and then cast.
3. Sprinkle the cast aluminum fine powder on the surface of the liquid and quickly press it into the aluminum liquid. After stirring well, let it stand and drain. It is better to inject the refining agent into molten aluminum with inert gas.
4. Press the cast aluminum refining agent into the bottom of the molten aluminum. At this time, due to a large amount of heat released by the reaction, the molten aluminum quickly becomes red when heated. The refining agent should be in full contact with the molten aluminum.

Advantages of Granular Refining Fluxes

1. Using the principle of combining metal and liquid compounds, develop and configure products to reduce smoke and dust, reduce combustion, and be environmentally friendly and economical.
2. The problem of the refining effect of traditional use of large amounts of aluminum ash is solved. AdTech refining agent is 1.5-2.0kg per ton of aluminum, and the aluminum ash content is 0.8-1%, which meets the requirements of high-precision aluminum alloy casting. Effectively increase the yield of molten metal by 0.6-0.8%, and realize energy saving and consumption reduction.
3. After proper heat treatment and sieving, the uniform particle size facilitates the refining tank to evenly enter the lower layer of the molten aluminum under the action of the carrier gas (N 2 or Ar), which completely solves the traditional pipe blockage problem. Unevenly dispersed. It is not conducive to ensuring the quality of castings and other issues.

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