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Refractory Molten Aluminum Filter

Refractory Molten Aluminum Filter

The refractory molten aluminum filter is placed in the CFF filter system. Alumina ceramic foam filters are mainly used for aluminum and alloy filtration in foundries and smelter. In order to manufacture high-quality wheels, it is important that the production is free of any external or internal defects. Casting defects are related to mechanical properties and surface quality. The CFF filter system is also used in the production of low-pressure die-cast light alloy aluminum alloy wheels.

Therefore, the purity of the metal is very important. The purity of defects caused by melting is called inclusions. Inclusions depend on the chemical composition of the melt. Filters are used to separate inclusions from the melt. When the molten metal flows through the CFF filter system, the filter will contain inclusions.

The refractory molten aluminum filter uses three methods of adsorption, surface filtration, and depth filtration to extract the impurities carried by the aluminum melt during the casting process. The filtering mechanism of the ceramic foam filter is mainly inertial collision, diffusion, and an interception.

Generally speaking, the installation and use of ceramic foam filters need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The correct choice of ceramic foam filter: The size and specifications of the filter plate must consider the specific type of metal filtration, the maximum level, the total amount of filtration, and the cleanliness of the original aluminum liquid.
  • The pretreatment of melt filtration cannot be ignored: such as normal furnace and holding furnace slagging and furnace cleaning.
  • Especially the online degassing device is still necessary, because it can not only reduce the hydrogen content in the melt, but also remove some non-metallic inclusions.
  • The ceramic foam filter should meet the high-temperature CFF filter box: suitable for sealing, can prevent the gap between metal filtering and entering the box, and also avoid the foam filter plate from being too light and failing from the aluminum liquid.

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