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Rotary Degassing Machine Manufacturer

Dual Rotor Online Degasser

In order to remove impurities from the melt, and make better quality metal, one of the most common and effective cleaning methods used by foundries is rotary degassing. With the increase in aluminum castings, foundries have to run the most efficient and cost-effective processes possible, so as to offer price competitive castings on a global scale. AdTech company has long been aware of the need for an effective fluxing gas treatment to remove hydrogen and inclusions. As a frofessional rotary degassing machine manufacturer, the online degassing unit by AdTech can achieve the best possible degassing efficiency.

With demand for non-ferrous metal castings increasing in volume, especially the castings of aluminum and aluminum alloy. There is also growing pressure on foundries, they need to improve casting quality, such as building, engineering, transport, particularly aerospace and the automotive sector.

Rotary Degassing Machine Manufacturer

AdTech rotary degassing has a major breakthrough in automated, efficient, cost-effective degassing. The principle of degassing machines needs a rotor, it can generate very fine bubbles of inert gases that are evenly and consistently distributed throughout the metal bath.

The rotary degassing technique removes these impurities by nitrogen. The hydrogen is dissolved in the molten material, diffuses into the rising bubbles of fluxing gas, and is transported to the surface of the molten material. Diffusion is the rate-determining stage in degassing, therefore, the following requirements are necessary for optimum degassing efficiency:

  • Small size of the inert gas bubbles with long dwell time in the molten metal. This ensures a large surface contact area between the inert gas bubble and the molten metal.
  • Consistently broad distribution of inert gas bubbles over the entire cross-section of the molten metal.
  • Adequate motion of molten material which accelerates the transport of hydrogen to the inert gas bubble.
  • A quiescent surface of the molten material bath in order to avoid fresh absorption of hydrogen from reaction with the atmosphere.
  • The main working principle of the rotary degassing unit is the flotation principle. As the inert gas bubbles can absorb the impurities, and float them to the surface of the bath.

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