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Rotary Nitrogen Degassing Unit

Rotary Nitrogen Degassing Unit

The rotary nitrogen degassing unit provides more complete removal of hydrogen compared to degassing the flow. In addition, the rotary degasser does not use harmful salts containing chlorine and fluorine.

The rotary nitrogen degassing unit can also combine the functions of degassing and flow introduction. In this case, the inert gas serves as a support for the granulated stream. The method is called flow injection.

Advantages of Rotary Nitrogen Degassing Unit

High efficiency of the action of the flux due to better mixing with the melt;
Short stream processing time;
Introduction of controllable flow;
More environmentally friendly fluxing method.

In the rotary degassing method, an inert or chemically inactive Nitrogen is purged through a rotating shaft and a rotor.

The energy of the rotating shaft causes the formation of a large number of fine bubbles offering a very high surface/volume ratio. The large specific surface area promotes rapid and efficient diffusion of hydrogen into gas bubbles, which helps to equalize the activity of hydrogen in the liquid and gas phases.

For the degassing and filtration of molten aluninium and its alloys. Reduce the bubble and the impurities in the liquid aluminum.

The in-line degassing unit for high purity aluminum adopts the type of furnace design, use the process chamber in degassing the degassing tank and the static chamber.

Treat internally using a degassing rotor, when convection forms in the cabinet, ensure that the small bubbles in the liquid aluminum can fully propagate.

The contact area increases the bubble and the liquid aluminum.

Static protection aluminum liquid fluctuation, temperature compensation.

In-line degassing unit cabinet adopted airtight design at the same time, end outside air intake and cause secondary pollution.

Equipment degassing efficiency has been greatly improved.

The degassing unit adopts the work station, the liquid aluminum method at work can maintain the temperature by electric heating, heating system using immersion heater, high heating efficiency, using elements silicon carbide heaters, silicon-controlled temperature control, the temperature control precision is high, easy to operate.

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