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Silicon Carbide Foam Filter

Silicon Carbide Foam Filter

The silicon carbide foam filter is made of silicate ceramic raw materials after high-temperature sintering. It has an open-ended and interconnected three-dimensional network structure, which can effectively filter out the molten slag in the molten metal and make the molten metal evenly balanced without turbulence The ground fills the cavity, which is the most effective metal liquid filter. It can be used for the filtration and purification of copper castings and aluminum castings, as well as the filtration and purification before ingot casting in the non-ferrous smelting and copper and aluminum industries.

Silicon Carbide Foam Filter Material Function

  • In the casting process of molten alloy, non-metallic flat debris and oxide scale often cause internal defects such as pores and flat slag in the casting, resulting in a lot of waste. Foamed ceramic filtering cooperation can effectively trap coarse slag on the surface of the filter block. When the small debris enters the filter block, it will be absorbed and captured due to the tortuous internal channel and large specific surface area. Purify the molten metal.
  • Make the molten metal flow smoothly into the cavity, without splashing and eddy currents, and prevent defects such as pores in the casting.
  • Improve the surface quality of castings and reduce the rate of waste products, especially copper and aluminum castings that require polishing.
  • The ceramic material, necessary size (shape size) and pore size can be selected according to different alloys. It is suitable for purification and filtration of various casting methods, such as sand, metal, ceramic and continuous casting, semi-continuous casting, and It can be used as a diesel engine exhaust filter, a combustion plate for a gas-saving stove, etc.

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting

The alumina ceramic foam filter adopts a three-dimensional network structure, and uses the organic foam connected with the pores as the carrier, and invades the thixotropic Al2O3 material slurry, and uses the square-corrected center distance automatic extrusion process to uniformly coat the slurry on the foam skeleton. It is baked and cured at a high temperature of 1,180°C. It is installed in the filter box to filter the impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid, so as to meet the high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum alloy precision casting of the aviation industry.

The ceramic foam filter manufacturer is sintered at high temperatures and is made of highly adsorbent molten aluminum ceramic foam filter (CFF). It is installed in the filter box to filter the impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid to meet the needs of high value-added, aviation, transportation, and other high-tech aluminum alloy precision castings. For example, computer hard drives, semi-finished micron aluminum foils, PS plates for printing, canning materials, jet turbine engine fan blades, and other products.

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