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Sodium-Free Refining Agent

Sodium-Free Refining Agent

Refining agents are not unfamiliar in the chemical industry, but there are many varieties of them with or without sodium refining agents, in addition to sodium refining agents, smokeless refining agents and other varieties. What is the sodium-free refining agent today?

Sodium-free refining agent is formulated from a variety of sodium-free salts and other inorganic compounds in a certain proportion. It is mainly used for the refining of automobile and motorcycle wheels, A356, A380, A386, pure aluminum and phosphorus-modified aluminum alloy deal with. Non-Sodium Granulated Flux is a white granular flux. It is prepared by mixing a variety of inorganic salts in a certain proportion after drying treatment. It is mainly used to remove hydrogen and floating oxidized slag inside the aluminum liquid, so that the aluminum liquid is more pure and has the function of a slag cleaning agent.

The main advantages of sodium-free refining agent

1. The reaction in the melt releases a variety of gases to refine and remove slag from molten aluminum.

2. It does not contain sodium, which avoids or reduces the phenomenon of white spots on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys, and improves the surface quality of the product.

3. Using this refining agent can also greatly improve the deterioration effect of the phosphorus modifier.

Sodium-Free Refining Agent

How to use sodium-free refining agent

In the refining temperature range, put a certain amount of fluxes into the bell jar and press into the molten aluminum, and move it smoothly to various parts until the flux reaction is complete. If it is a large reverberatory furnace, you can also use a powder sprayer to spray this product into the molten aluminum Inside, full mixing is better. Or sprinkle this product evenly on the surface of the molten aluminum, stir the aluminum slag, and the molten slag will be dry and powdery. It has good separation from the molten aluminum and is loose and easy to remove.

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