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Tap Hole Cones

Tap Hole Cones

The tap hole cones are an important part used in the casting process of aluminum and aluminum alloy rods. Its main function is to block aluminum liquid and control the flow of aluminum liquid in aluminum and aluminum alloy casting. Most aluminum melting furnaces or holding furnaces in the aluminum casting industry are equipped with aluminum outlets, which are sealed with high-temperature-resistant ceramic fibers. The tap out cone is also called ceramic fiber plug, vacuum-formed refractory shapes, refractory fiber cone.

Tap hole cones are made of high temperature resistant aluminum water plugs with different bulk density, specifications, models, and performances after drying and forging by wet vacuum suction filter molding according to user design requirements. In addition to satisfying various complex thermal requirements of users, each product is made with a special mold according to its shape and size. According to the performance requirements of the products, unused bonding agents and additives are selected to meet the requirements of use.

Tap Hole Cones Features

  1. According to user design requirements, high-quality ceramic fiber cotton is used as raw material, and it is made by vacuum forming process.
  2. All shaped parts have a low shrinkage in the temperature range of their use, and maintain the characteristics of high heat insulation, light weight and impact resistance,
  3. Easy to be cut or machined. During use, the Tap Hole Cones product has good anti-wear and anti-stripping properties, and is not eroded by most molten metals.

Tap Hole Cones

Production Process of Ceramic Fiber Plugs

Using the wet vacuum forming process, the fiber raw cotton is first cut into pieces suitable for grading, mixed into a slurry and placed into a fixed-size metal mold, and a small hole for drainage is provided on the metal mold wall and connected with a vacuum pump. Nylon gauze should be placed in the inner liner of the metal mold in order to prevent the fiber cotton from overflowing during extrusion and vacuum. The specifications of the molded product can be adjusted according to the suction and squeezing force.

AdTech selects 1,260 ℃ ceramic fiber by vacuum forming, precise technology and advanced equipment, so that each Tap Hole Cone has a flat surface. More important is the appropriate hardness and toughness, which is not fragile and does not peel off, and is suitable for mechanical or manual plugging and removal operations. It is used to block the aluminum outlet of aluminum smelting furnaces and stationary furnaces. It is suitable for the insulation of aluminum melting furnaces, refining furnaces, stationary furnaces and outlet furnaces, making the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process more convenient and safe and reliable.

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