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Trough-Type Distributor

Trough-Type Distributor

The same level hot top casting system uses a unified flow supply and trough-type distributor to connect multiple hot top molds. Make the metal liquid level in each mold in the whole set of casting plate to be at the same level, because the filtered aluminum liquid is on the same level in the whole set of casting plate. The flowing aluminum liquid flows under the aluminum oxide film originally formed, which prevents secondary pollution and metal oxidation burnout.

At the same time, in order to make full use of the horizontal plane, the crystallizer can be designed as a densely arranged short crystallizer to realize multi-rod casting.

Due to the large amount of molten aluminum, there is less heat dissipation along the way, which can reduce the casting temperature. Make the crystal undercooling high, spontaneous nucleation rate high, and crystal grain refinement. Coupled with the inherent characteristics of the short mold, the effective crystallization height of molten aluminum in the mold is shorter than that of ordinary hot-top casting, the depth of the liquid cavity is shallower, the segregation layer of the cast rod is thinner, the crystal grains are more uniform, and the appearance is smoother.

Trough-Type Distributor equipment adopts integral assembly, that is, the casting platform and the starter base are positioned and combined in advance, and then installed on the casting machine chassis and tilting mechanism, and used with wire rope or hydraulic guide column elevator.

Trough-Type Distributor

Trough-Type Distributor Advantages

  • The flow port of the upper die splitter plate adopts a trapezoidal design, which can reduce the phenomenon of aluminum hanging during the liquidation process, thereby increasing the service life of the splitter plate.
  • The upper die plate adopts the integrated design of the flow guide tube and the adapter plate to avoid the phenomenon of aluminizing and the surface drawing of the aluminum rod, while reducing the cost of wearing parts.
  • Adopting internal uniform water circulation cooling, the distributing launder and main trough have good heat preservation effect, the liquid level fluctuation is small during the casting process, and it is not easy to carry slag and slag.

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