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Tundish Nozzle

Tundish Nozzle

Tundish nozzle is also called ceramic tube, alumina tube, casting tube. We produce a very wide range of high-quality Tundish Nozzles. AdTech tundish nozzles are suitable for controlling the flow of molten aluminum. It has a better performance compared to other nozzles. Tundish nozzle has the advantages of heat preservation, reduce heat dissipation, reduce weight, increase strength, improve the service life. The series of flow control products include alumina porcelain rod, ladle shroud, refractory fiber cone, impurity separation ring and other products. They are used in conjunction with flow control to stabilize the metal casting parameters. The ceramic tube uses high-silicon molten material. It has strong corrosion resistance, no pollution to the metal solution, and can be used multiple times. The casting tube meets the technical needs of producing high-value-added, high-tech performance requirements for aluminum alloy precision casting products.

Tundish Nozzle Features

  1. High strength, erosion resistance, impact resistance, heat shock resistance, smoother surface.
  2. Extend the service life with the help of boron nitride (BN) paint.
  3. Highly flexible in operation, and enhances the effect of molten metal transfer equipment.
  4. Save energy and reduce consumption.

Tundish Nozzle

The lower end of the alumina stopper rod extends more into the tundish nozzle, the gap becomes smaller, and the flow of aluminum liquid through the gap becomes smaller. On the contrary, when the alumina stopper rod rises, the flow of molten aluminum becomes larger, realizing the flow control of molten aluminum.

By controlling the flow of aluminum liquid, on the one hand, the uniformity of cast aluminum ingots can be improved, and the size of aluminum ingots can be more uniform. On the other hand, it can make the flow of molten aluminum in the diversion trough not increase and decrease suddenly and tend to a stable value. A protective oxide film is formed on the surface, which will not be destroyed. It evenly covers the surface of the molten aluminum, prevents the molten aluminum from oxidizing, reduces the loss of the molten aluminum, reduces the production cost of the enterprise, and improves the product quality.

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