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Aluminium Rotary Degassing System

Aluminium Rotary Degassing System

Aluminium Rotary Degassing System has high degassing efficiency and good effect. It does not affect the production process. It can improve the purity of the aluminum liquid in a short time, reduce the waste rate, increase the production efficiency, improve the mechanical properties of the castings, and enhance the competitiveness of the products. It cannot be achieved by traditional degassing methods.

The amount of dissolved hydrogen present can affect the characteristics of the resulting metal product. During the casting process, the dissolved hydrogen will affect the castability and mechanical properties of the metal product (such as bending strength, toughness, fatigue strength, maximum elongation, crash resistance, surface quality, corrosion resistance and other properties). Dissolved hydrogen can affect solidification and cause porosity in cast metal products.

Aluminium degassing unit is subject to changes in the internal structure, size and position of the box, which has a great impact on the size, quantity and distribution of refined bubbles.

The degassing medium is recommended to use 99.996% nitrogen or high-purity argon that has been dehydrated and dried.

Aluminium Rotary Degassing System

The Aluminium Rotary Degassing System stirs the aluminum liquid through a controlled rotating silicon nitride rotor, and at the same time presses a metered inert gas into the aluminum liquid through the rotor and breaks it into tiny bubbles, so that they are evenly dispersed in the molten metal. The partial pressure of gas is zero.

Due to the high partial pressure of hydrogen in the molten aluminum, the hydrogen in the molten aluminum continuously diffuses into the bubbles, and at the same time, some non-metallic inclusions in the molten aluminum are adsorbed on the surface of the bubbles, and the useless hydrogen and some non-metallic inclusions are inert. The gas bubbles float up to the liquid surface.

When there is a special degassing filter box, these slags are isolated before pouring, and then the slag skimmer is used to remove hydrogen and remove oxidized inclusions.

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