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Aluminum Melt Tubular Filter

Aluminum Melt Tubular Filter

The Aluminum Melt Tubular Filter realizes the dual functions of surface filtration and internal adsorption and trapping of impurities. The basic working principle of the tubular filter equipment is that the aluminum melt passing through the box body penetrates from the outside of the filter tube to the inside out of the process.

The aluminum melt passes through the filter tube very slowly. The filtering surface area of ​​one filter tube is 2500 cm2, which is equivalent to a 508 mm ceramic foam filter plate. After calculation, the total filter surface area of ​​14 filter tubes is 3.6 m2, and the total filter surface area of ​​28 filter tubes is 7.2 m2. This combination achieves a super large area of ​​filtration in the limited space of the filter device. Obviously, the total area of ​​filter surface area of ​​the two ceramic foam filter plates used by CFF is far incomparable with the filter tube.

Aluminum Melt Ceramic Filter

The filter tube particles are sintered at high temperature and are tightly combined without loosening. This high-temperature sintered structure is much tighter than the deep-bed filter structure.

The tube particles not only form a very small pore size, but also form a three-dimensional complex flow path, which ensures the double capture of impurities and adsorption inside the filter tube by the filter tube. Impurities are almost all filtered out on the outer surface of the filter tube, and finer impurities are adsorbed in the filter tube, which achieves a high-precision filtering effect.

Advantages of Aluminum Melt Tubular Filter

Fine particle diameter;
Large area filtration;
The bones are tightly combined.

The relative limitation of tubular filtration is: due to the fine particle diameter and the compact structure of the aggregates, if there is no initial melt filtration equipment, if the tube filtration is used alone, the accumulation of coarse impurities may cause blockage and lose the advantage. . Therefore, with tubular filtration, the best configuration is to add deep bed filtration or CFF filtration equipment before tube filtration to achieve the most perfect combination to obtain the most ideal filtration effect.

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