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Aluminum Online Degassing System

Aluminum Online Degassing System

The aluminum online degassing system is important equipment for the production of aluminum alloy. It can reduce the hydrogen melted in the solid metal and improve the purity of the metal by reducing impurities to obtain a purer aluminum liquid.

The aluminum online degassing system consists of a lifting system, a gas supply system, and a control system.

Basic Components of Aluminum Online Degassing System

The sealing cover seals the smoke generated during metal processing and protects the metal from external environmental conditions. The sealing cover is covered with a layer of ceramic fiber, which is covered by a stainless steel plate. The sealing cover can resist the high temperature and metal splash generated in the sealing cover.

Drive device. Degassing unit is mainly used to transfer torque to a pair of metal-processing rotors and to provide the input of reaction gas. Each drive assembly includes two drive shafts, a fixed pulley drive, a motor, main frame, and a stainless steel guard. There is a coupling at the lower end of the drive shaft to connect the rotating shaft of the fixed rotor. The upper end of each shaft is equipped with a rotary joint, which can be connected to the air inlet pipe. The drive shaft is hollow, allowing the reaction gas to pass through it.

Rotor and baffle. The processing gas is injected into the molten metal through the rotor, and the reaction gas is distributed into the molten aluminum to shear the generated bubbles and increase the contact area between the bubbles and the molten metal. The refractory baffle separates different areas for continuous treatment of molten aluminum.

Exhaust system. The exhaust system is connected to the degassing sealing cover to collect the smoke and dust generated in the degassing process.

Aluminum Online Degassing System

Lifting system. It is an electromechanical device, including a metal bracket and a screw drive system with electric drive components. The system uses the structure of the pantograph frame, and only needs a transmission device to move the degassing shield in the processing, maintenance or waiting position.

Control System. Control part, including PLC and related components.

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