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Caster Tip and Nozzle

Caster Tip and Nozzle

The caster tip and nozzle material is a product made of a unique inorganic silicon oxide bonded with high-performance ceramic fiber composite materials. The substrate of this material has a hard surface and soft inside, which will make the final product have a good thermal deformation and a very low thermal conductivity. The inner cavity and lip of the casting tip are all sprayed with high-performance boron nitride coating to prevent adverse reactions between the material and the molten aluminum and improve the flow effect of the molten aluminum.

Characteristics of Caster Tip and Nozzle

  • The raw material has high refractoriness, good working stability at high temperature, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, good heat and shock resistance, corrosion resistance of aluminum liquid, low moisture absorption, low silica content, high alumina content, short fiber length and diameter , The fiber is not brittle, and the fiber matrix is ​​a soft filament;
  • The product has uniform density, low thermal expansion coefficient and linear shrinkage rate, high compressive and flexural strength, standard external dimensions, and special internal cavity treatment;
  • Over 99% success rate of vertical board;
  • Effectively reduce the defects of underworld, white channel, air channel, segregation, tropical zone, unevenness and other defects of the aluminum plate surface, and reduce the broken strip and the pinhole degree of aluminum foil during cold rolling in the subsequent processing of the aluminum plate;
  • The product varieties and specifications are complete and complete, the supply cycle is short, and the comprehensive cost performance is high.

Caster Tip and Nozzle

In the continuous casting process, the molten metal is fed through the refractory caster tip and nozzle, solidified, and finally formed into a continuous strip. The strip is then wound or rolled to a curlable thickness. From casting tips and nozzle to launder, AdTech has corresponding products to help foundries reduce costs and downtime. Other products include front boxes, slag retaining rings, floats, stoppers, coatings, and mold release agents.

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