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Debug automation equipment ,improve the quality of porous ceramic filter

Speed up automation equipment debugging, improve porous ceramic filter quality

According to the company’s 2023 strategic planning requirements “to build the company’s high-precision product belt (porous ceramic filter in material workshops, degassing and filtration equipment in equipment workshops)” the automatic cutting of ceramic foam filters in filter plate workshops is imminent. To realize the automatic cutting of ceramic foam filters, first The next step is to speed up the research and development of 18-roll presses to replace 9-roll presses. Due to changes in process conditions and pulp, it is very difficult to debug the presses. Overtime renovation and debugging.

Since the porous ceramic filter is only produced during the day shift, the new press machine is tested during the day, and problems are found. After the production is off, the equipment department will work overtime and overnight to make sure that the new press machine will be tested here the next day. In order to solve the problem of putting the new press machine into use quickly, In January, the equipment department worked overtime several times to debug and maintain the press machine. Among them, on January 19, the equipment department worked overtime until 3:00 am to ensure that the equipment could be debugged smoothly the next day. Under difficulties, this work, fully embodies the team spirit, the mechanics and the coordinated production personnel are not afraid of hardships or tiredness, and contribute to the successful completion of the company’s strategic plan for 2023, which has been highly praised by the porous ceramic filter process staff.

Technology is the primarily productive force. Only when the equipment is well debugged can the subsequent production be efficient and the quality improved, saving time and effort.

porous ceramic filter
porous ceramic filter



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