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Dual-Rotor Online Degassing Unit

The purification effect of refining aluminum alloy melt in furnace is limited, and the melt is easy to produce secondary pollution in the process of flowing, so it is difficult to control the impurities (hydrogen, alkaline metals, non-metallic inclusions) in the melt. The porosity and inclusions in the ingot seriously affect its internal quality, resulting in the reduction of aluminum yield. Therefore, the on-line degassing device is the key research and improvement object of our company. Finally, we developed and produced a dual-rotor online degassing unit.

The Dual-Rotor Online Degassing Unit consists of a degassing box, upper cover, rotor mechanism and heating system, lifting mechanism, and control system.

Dual-Rotor Online Degassing Unit

Double Rotor Online Degassing Unit Advantages

  • High degassing efficiency: compact furnace body design is adopted.
  • In the degassing box, the rotating nozzle is used for degassing, and convection is formed in the box, so that the small bubbles can be fully diffused in the liquid aluminum. At the same time, the sealing design is adopted to prevent the secondary pollution caused by the entry of external air and improve the degassing efficiency of the equipment.
  • Precise control: the method of degassing the workstation is adopted.
  • The temperature of liquid aluminum can be maintained by electric heating. The heating system adopts immersion heating device with high heating efficiency.
  • Heating element with silicon carbide rod, temperature control by silicon controlled rectifier, temperature control accuracy
    High, easy to use.
  • It is easy to operate: the one key switch is adopted, the design is simple and easy to use, the complexity of the system is reduced, and the equipment maintenance cost is reduced.
  • Different requirements of casting quality are considered in the design of the equipment, and the refining gas flow rate and rotor speed can be adjusted.
  • Convenient maintenance: it is convenient for equipment maintenance and rotor replacement. The rotating nozzle part and heater part can be lifted separately.
  • The upper cover can be lifted and rotated horizontally to maximize the convenience of maintenance.
  • Operation safety: the online degassing equipment is equipped with interlocking mechanism to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

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