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Rotary Degassing Machine

When aluminum liquid in the rotary degassing machine needs to be replaced, the following operations shall be carried out:

1. Check that the tools used for cleaning are in good condition, dry and free of sundries, and have been protected by refractory materials. Otherwise, they should be treated on time. Check that the aluminum slag box is dry and free of impurities, and check that the connection between the drain outlet and the aluminum drain box is good.

2. Increase the rotor speed to more than 200R / min and hold for 3 minutes. Remove the insulation cotton at the inlet and outlet, and empty the upper cover of the box for sealing.

3. After the cover is fully lifted, the pin on the boom can be clamped before cleaning.

4. Dredge the air outlet of rotor with steel wire or other articles; ensure that the shaft is in good working condition, otherwise replace it.

5. Clean up the residue attached to the bottom of the heater and upper cover, skim off the scum on the surface of the aluminum liquid with a leaky spoon, and check whether the inflatable seal is worn and correctly located in the groove.

6. Ensure that there is no staff near the drain outlet, and check that the bolts at the drain outlet are in good condition.

7. Open the drain plug to ensure that the liquid aluminum flows into the aluminum drain box smoothly. When discharging aluminum, use a long shovel to stir in the cylinder, and clean the residual aluminum and slag at the drain outlet in time; check that the connection between the inlet and outlet and the box body is in good condition, and there is no aluminum sticking.

8. After the aluminum liquid is emptied, the inner wall, bottom, and inlet and outlet of aluminum liquid shall be cleaned in time, and the expansion seal, side wall of box, and intermediate baffle shall not be damaged during cleaning.

9. The inner wall and aluminum inlet and outlet of rotary degassing machine shall be cleaned without residual aluminum and residue. When cleaning, the cracks shall be repaired by dipping fire-resistant mud with water after the degassing box is cooled, and the refractory mud shall be smoothed as far as possible, and then a layer of bone powder water (1:3) shall be used to evenly spray a layer in the degassing cylinder; if the inner wall of the degassing tank is too rough, boron nitride water shall be used for coating.

Rotary Degassing Machine

10. After the above work is completed, make sure that there is no foreign matter at the edge and seal of the box, pull out the pin of the boom, drop the upper cover of the cylinder, and block the drain port and aluminum inlet and outlet firmly.

11. After the maintenance, carry out the box preheating procedure for preheating.

12. When the cylinder is heated to over 730 ℃, the molten aluminum in the smelting furnace can be introduced into the cylinder to ensure that the temperature of the molten aluminum is not lower than 730 ℃, and the temperature of the liquid aluminum cannot be too high or too low than the temperature of the heater, so as to avoid damage to the heater.

13. Special personnel shall be assigned to observe the drain outlet when filling liquid aluminum.

14. Adjust the cylinder cover of rotary degassing machine to heat preservation state.

15. Manually measure the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the degassing cylinder to prevent the thermocouple installed on the cylinder from measuring the temperature accurately, which may cause the aluminum liquid temperature to be too high or too low to solidify.

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