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Foundry Feed Nozzle

Foundry Feed Nozzle

Foundry Feed Nozzle is the key part of the aluminum strip casting and rolling machine, and its quality directly affects the thickness, quality and yield of the strip.

The Foundry Feed Nozzle has other names in practice, A Castertip, Tip Cavity, Nozzle Nozzle, Caster Tip, Casting Tip, Casting Nozzle, Feed Tip, Feeding Tip.

How to install the Foundry Feed Nozzle

1. Prepare the casting nozzle plate

1. The casting nozzle plate consists of upper and lower plates, side plates and intermediate shunt plates. The shape, size and position of the intermediate shunt plates have been arranged.

2. The liquid metal is evenly distributed along the width of the casting nozzle plate, flowing at a uniform speed, and the temperature change is not more than ±2℃.

3. The inner cavity of the casting nozzle plate and the shunt plate are all processed by boron nitride special treatment, which can effectively protect the melting damage of high temperature liquid aluminum, increase the friction resistance, make the casting nozzle plate achieve high performance, effectively eliminate the black spots and black tracks of the aluminum plate due to the reaction of silicon and aluminum, and increase the surface finish of the aluminum plate.

4. The front box and nozzle board components are pre-dried at about 200℃ for two hours and stored in a drying box at about 110℃.

Foundry Feed Nozzle

The Feed Nozzle Adjust

1. The casting nozzle plate is installed on the steel structure casting nozzle plate clamp, which is then fixed on the platform of the casting nozzle plate.

2. After preheating the assembly of the nozzle plate and before it is assembled in the casting mill, all preparations shall be made and the nozzle plate shall be installed as soon as possible to avoid heat loss and moisture inhalation.

The preparation of the casting and rolling line should be properly completed before the casting plate assembly is removed from the drying box.

3. When the casting nozzle plate assembly is lifted from the bracket by the suspension arm and placed on the casting nozzle plate platform, do not damage the casting plate, the roller can not turn at this time.

4. After the casting nozzle plate is placed on the platform, tighten the fixing screws. Do not allow any sundries on the casting plate platform, the casting plate clamp and the outer surface of the casting plate, otherwise, it will cause the inaccurate position of the casting plate. Therefore, the nozzle plate should be thoroughly cleaned before it is fixed to the platform.

5. Make sure that the top plate of the spiral lift adjusted horizontally is in the maximum stroke position, and the oil cylinder drives the top plate to move rapidly towards the rolling mill. When the front end of the top plate and the center line of the roll are 120mm, the baffle of the nozzle platform presses against the top plate of the spiral lift. Start the servo motor to adjust the position of the nozzle plate. Driven by the servo motor, it can be adjusted left and right in the horizontal direction, up and down in the vertical direction, and can be adjusted on both sides at the same time, or can be adjusted on one side.

Insert the tip plate into the roll gap while one person watches with a flashlight. The position of the tip plate is not allowed to be set by the eye only.

Insert the nozzle plate into the roller gap as close to the roller surface as possible, but not in contact with the roller. Raise or lower the platform of the nozzle plate according to the center position of the roller gap, so that the upper and lower fans of the nozzle plate are arranged symmetrically with the center line of the roller gap.

The distance between the exit end of the cast-tip plate and the roll surface is about 0.5-0.8mm.

Then, at the exit end of the mill, use a ruler to measure the distance between the casting tip plate and the tangential position of the two rolls on both sides. If the dimensions of both sides are different, adjust the position of one casting tip plate so that the distance between the two sides is the same.

When the workers are skilled in each position, several positions can be exchanged when the plate is erected, and the roller cleaning personnel and slag running personnel can assist to complete the installation and adjustment of the above nozzle plate.

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