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Foundry Filter

Foundry Filter

The correct installation of the foundry ceramic foam filter can improve the filtering effect.

Check the wear of the refractory parts of the cabinet. The damaged refractory increases the heat loss.

Paint the CFF filter box with boron nitride paint, the coating can prolong the service life of the cabinet.

Position the new ceramic foam filter in the recess along its seal to ensure a good seal around the filter plate. In case of leakage, the metal filtering effect will be reduced.

Gently push the filter plate down into the CFF filter box. In order to prevent the metal residue from solidifying around the filter after draining, do not squeeze the filter plate violently to prevent the filter plate from preheating rupture.

Confirm that the sealing between the filter plate and the casting material is good. If it needs to be filled with refractory fibers, use a more suitable thermal expansion seal.

The preheating of the box body is that when the filter box is used for the first time, the heater must be preheated according to the heating curve time before the filter box is out of operation for a long time and before the molten metal is filled. Its purpose is to eliminate any trace moisture in the filter box and avoid the solidification of molten aluminum.

Preheating of the foundry molten aluminum filter. When the filter is still hot, once the filter is replaced, the filter should still be preheated. The preheating of the ceramic foam filter must be uniform and sufficient to ensure that the metal is fully injected during filling. There are two filter preheating procedures, depending on the heating measures of the box, one is preheated with a preheated gas burner, and the other is preheated with a heating cover.

The condition before filling is that the box temperature reaches 750°C, all necessary devices are in place, the operator must be familiar with the operation, and wear appropriate thermal protection equipment. The temperature of the filled metal must be higher than 740°C. If the metal temperature is low, the metal solidifies and cannot be injected into the ceramic foam filter plate.

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