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Molten Al Degassing Equipment

Molten Al Degassing Equipment

In the melting and casting process of aluminum processing, because the air contains a certain proportion of a small amount of hydrogen, it is easy to penetrate into the molten aluminum after high temperature melting. If the molten aluminum does not undergo any purification and degassing treatment, the processed aluminum alloy products often have blisters and slag inclusions, resulting in a low qualification rate of appearance quality and mechanical strength. The box-type molten Al degassing equipment uses nitrogen or inert gas degassing methods.

AdTech on-line degassing equipment has an ultra-long life furnace body using a new high-silicon molten material manufacturing technology. The degassing rotor, heater protection sleeve, and thermocouple protection sleeve are made of silicon nitride (Si3N4), ceramic manufacturing technology and the production technology of aluminum products with high added value and high technical performance requirements.

Degassing unit adopts new high silicon melting material manufacturing technology. AdTech molten Al degassing equipment can meet the production of aluminum products with high technical performance requirements. The aluminum degassing machine is stalled between the furnace and the casting machine, the main function is removing hydrogen and other residues. Otherwise, these gases will affect the quality and mechanical properties of aluminum and its alloys.

Each degassing chamber uses a rotor mechanism for degassing. While the rotor mechanism is rotating at high speed, the inert gas delivered by the working gas supply device is brought in through the rotor mechanism, and convection and small bubbles are formed in the degassing box. The small bubbles will fully diffuse, and in the process of constant tumbling, the hydrogen and impurities that have penetrated into the aluminum liquid will be brought out of the surface of the liquid aluminum.

At the same time, the degassing box adopts a double-channel sealed design, which prevents oxygen in the outside air from entering the degassing box, contacting aluminum liquid to cause oxidation slagging and secondary permeation of hydrogen, which greatly improves the degassing efficiency. During this process, the heating chamber will keep the molten aluminum flowing through the degassing box to ensure the effect of purifying and degassing.

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